Use YQueue to order your meal instead of waiting for service while dining in, it's that simple.


YQueue can be used to order your favourite meals from various restaurants. Just place an order.

YQueue is revolutionising the way customers interact with merchants when dining out.

Make orders using a mobile device of your choice and receive notification when the food is ready.



Whether you're dining in or just in the mood for take-away, YQueue removes the hassle of waiting in line. It's really that simple.


YQueue utilises GPS to help find that meal you're craving. Use the map to navigate to where you want to dine-in, or where you want to take-away.



The easy to use ordering system ensures that the customer and merchant are always on the same page. Get to the head of the queue without having to wait in line.


YQueue's Payment Gateway system ensures security and confidence when paying your bill. The merchant receives confirmation immediately once payment has been made and you're good to go. It really was that simple.


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